Wellness for Kids inspires holistic child development through mentoring children; parents; teachers; special educational needs teachers; teachers who want to learn mindfulness techniques; social workers; occupational therapists; educational psychologists; remedial teachers; parents; au pairs; yoga teachers and others interested in helping support self-awareness and increased personal power in young people. Wellness for Kids specialize in Homeschooling Education. 

We offer one on one online mentoring, fun and interactive online workshops, products and partnership opportunities through our growing companies: Samadi Kids and Calm Classrooms

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About Jeanne

As a Mindfulness Mentor and Homeschool Practioner, I get to spend time with young and incredibly amazing children, and I want to make sure that they grow up to love themselves in a way that I never learned myself.

My sense of self-esteem had to be learned and cultivated as I became an adult. For whatever reason(s), I just missed the boat on how to love and appreciate myself. This led to countless mistakes and painful decisions that quite possibly may have been avoided had I learned early on just how awesome and worthy I am as an individual.

While I wouldn’t want to have missed out on the priceless lessons that have come from the life I’ve led, my hope is to help guide children and adults down a different and more mindful path wherever possible.

I’ve turned my life’s work and career into mentoring and coaching others, especially while they’re young and able to really absorb the lessons instead of having to learn it all firsthand later on in life.

My theory is that if you grow up learning how to love yourself and feel safe and loved in your environment, you’ll grow to be a happy, healthy, kind, compassionate and loving adult. When the world is filled with people that feel that way, we’ll see more compassion and kindness on a much grander scale. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely want to live in a world like that.

What I've Done

It's a crazy world out there but not to worry I have managed to master really cool skills and techniques to help you ( Parents and Educators )  and your children every step of the way! I'm an Educational Mentor specializing in Homeschooling, qualified in the field of NeuroScience and Early Child Development. Certified Yoga Instructor, Mindfulness Mentor, NLP Master Practioner, Nutritional Adviser, Calm Classrooms Mindfulness Program Author, Expert, and Facilitator. 

What I Do

Here is the part where I can help you on a personal level.

Children -  I offer one on one online or on-site holistic child stress intervention and therapeutic consultations. Online Homeschooling for traveling families or sign your child up for my homeschool educational program (Samadi Kids) when visiting Bali. 

Teachers | Parents | Schools - I offer online or onsite one on one or group stress intervention mentoring and mindfulness practices for the home, classroom or school using the Calm Classrooms program and techniques. 

Wellness for Kids in the community

Partnering with NGOs, hospitals, and schools in the community is our way of helping others live more peacefully. We use the benefits of mindfulness and wellness to help children manage their emotions, which help promote healthy routines and teaches them fundamental life skills that are immediately available for daily use.  

If you are interested in partnering with us please feel free to contact us… we want nothing more than to spread the love.