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Today's fast-paced, connected, and the highly charged world is placing unprecedented stress and pressure on kids and teens. Youth need effective skills to cope with the increasingly demanding lifestyle, combat the symptoms, and establish mindful and compassionate living to last a lifetime.

Join me in learning mindfulness techniques for youth and teens, a new certificate online workshop: Mindfulness interventions kids and teens.

This online one on one workshop will add depth to your mindfulness practice and empower you with the tools to share and adapt mindfulness for youth in practical and engaging ways.

You'll learn strategies and techniques that will improve social-emotional resilience and executive function, proven interventions for ADHD and emotional regulation, and powerful clinical skills to heal trauma and anxiety.

End this course with a Certificate in Mindfulness Interventions for Kids and Teens!

Become a Mindfulness expert in a fun, active, meaningful and mindful way.

Online and On-Site

Do you want to build resiliency to stress, learn mindfulness and create happy and productive children?

Calm Classrooms is a comprehensive yet accessible toolkit to support wellbeing development and an improved capacity to navigate the many stressors of life. Our workshop invites you to become a mindfulness expert in a fun, active, meaningful and mindful way.

Calm Classrooms offers over 35 techniques, divided into five elements: Connect, Breathe, Move, Focus and Relax. As part of the workshop, you will receive these techniques in a beautifully illustrated card deck complete with easy-to-read, succinct instructions. In the ard deck are 35 fun, essential and transforming calming techniques to enhance physical, mental and emotional development. Imaginatively and practically designed, the cards are suitable for busy schedules and limited spaces, making them a perfect tool for educators, parents, and therapists.

Who should attend?

Teachers; special educational needs teachers; teachers who want to learn Calm Classrooms techniques; social workers; occupational therapists; educational psychologists; remedial teachers; parents; au pairs; yoga teachers and others interested in helping support self-awareness and increased personal power in young people. 

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to manage and reflect your personal stress
  • Learn how to address whole child’s physical, social and emotional needs, thus improving learning-readiness
  • Build on children’s  internal skill development in the area of self-awareness and emotional self-management
  • The confidence to implement the Calm Classrooms card deck techniques
  • Mindfulness in the classroom
  • Why mindfulness will make you a better and happier therapist, teacher, parent and person
  • Self-compassion, appreciation, and relaxation exercises to avoid burnout
  • What is stress and how does it affect you
  • Self-compassion, appreciation, and relaxation exercise throughout the workshop to avoid burnout
  • Focusing practices to keep your mind alert, awake and alive
  • Contemplative techniques to keep calm, connected and creative in your sessions
  • Learn how to manage and reflect your personal stress
  • Living Mindfulness
  • Developmental factors that affecting a child’s stress
  • What stress looks like to children
  • Mindfulness and Bullying
  • Empower kids to recognize and work with emotions and impulse
  • Mindfulness, mental health, and learning.
  • Mind-body meditations to rewire young brains for resilience
  •  Explore Breathe, and the body and brain
  • Explore and practice powerful tools for depression, trauma, anxiety, ADHD, and addiction.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation techniques, guided visualizations, and massage as relax therapies
  • Explore the calm classrooms movement techniques
  • Explore Aspects of movement: Motor Planning, Postural control, Crossing the Midline, Fine/Gross Motor Skills, Core, Muscle tone and more.
  • Help kids integrate their mind and body to maximize health, mental health, and learning
  • Make mindful movement and walking fun, funny, and engaging!
  • Simplifying neuroscience for kids to empower brain and behavior change
  • Explore the attitude of gratitude 
  • Explore the Focus and Connect Calm Classrooms techniques
  • Explore roadmaps for Connecting with the world and others
  • Explore Social and Emotional learning
  • Anxiety, ADHD and Impulse control: learning to support children with learning barriers.
  • Learn how to effectively integrate mindfulness into many modalities of therapy’s, classroom and play environments
  • Reveal how to Bring mindfulness games and calm classroom techniques who struggle with attention
  • Make mindfulness fun! Creative ways to make mindfulness fun by integrating it into all activities they are most interested in and enjoy!
  • Create your own calm classrooms techniques with kids
  • Learn practical and effective ideas that will generate buy-in from kids
  • Tips from the masters that will build your confidence when teaching mindfulness
  • Learn how to make mindfulness fun and accessible even to stressed, anxious, depressed and distracted kids


The Calm Classrooms online training workshop is designed to train you on how to introduce and effectively use all aspects of the mindfulness program.

This three-hour workshop is available one on one with me over Skype or it can be taken in one sitting or divided into one-hour sittings to accommodate varying schedules. 

The Calm Classrooms  On-Site training workshop is designed to train large groups on how to introduce and effectively use all aspects of the mindfulness program.

This 5-hour training program is taken in groups no more than 15 people. Our interactive course engages participants with opportunities to practice the techniques, answer reflection questions and to become a mindful expert in and outside of the classroom.


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