Calm Classrooms logoThe Calm Classrooms card deck!

Calm Classrooms is a simple and empowering tool to bring calm to the lives of children!

In the card deck are 35 fun, essential and transforming calming techniques to enhance physical, mental and emotional development. Imaginatively and practically designed, the cards are suitable for busy schedules and limited spaces, making them a perfect tool for educators, parents and therapists.

Calm Classrooms card deck

Wellness for Kids facilitators use the Calm Classrooms cards in all kids workshops and classses.

We explore the beneficial depths of Calm Classrooms in the Wellness for Kids training workshop- Bringing Calm to life! This training is suitable for educators*, parents and therapists to inform and empower adults to better utilise the cards. *SACE CPD points are allocated to this workshop in partnership with service provider E Classroom.

You can find card decks in local Cape Town shops or you can purchase a deck direct via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!


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